Crop substrates for floriculture and gardening.


Crop substrates for floriculture and gardening.

AGRICOLA 2000 s.r.l. has been operating for over thirty years in the sector of the production of cultivation substrates for nurseries and gardening.


Its operational headquarters are located in Pitigliano (GR), a unique area in Italy for the presence of deposits of volcanic inert materials with unique characteristics, such as PUMICE, LAPILLO and the precious ZEOLITE. These materials are now used on a large scale for the production of crop substrates, marketed in Italy and exported to European countries.


The idea behind the creation of AGRICOLA 2000 was to exploit this favourable position, drawing on the adjacent deposits and quarries. The physical characteristics of the substrates, such as free porosity and water retention, are calibrated by varying the grain size of the pumice and volcanic aggregates as well as the peats used, thus reproducing the optimal conditions for rooting and growth, depending on the type of plant and the size of the growing pot.


Today AGRICOLA 2000 operates on an area of 35,000 square metres using an automated fertiliser mixing and calibrating plant. This plant feeds five packaging and palletizing lines of plastic bags of 10-20-45-70 litres on pallets for an hourly production of about 4,500 bags. It also has plants for packaging BIG BAGS and a plant for the production of JUMBOPACKs.



AGRICOLA 2000 uses raw materials of natural origin to produce its potting soils for nature and gardening enthusiasts. The energy needed to run all its plants also comes from the sun. Through photovoltaic systems, it is in fact self-sufficient in energy, helping to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and the pollution of the planet.

The company produces substrates for gardening, nurseries, turf, roof gardens and hobby stores. 

Substrates for protected crops. They are characterized by the presence of volcanic granules such as Pumice, Lepillus and Zeolites in order to ensure a calibrated porosity and air circulation as well as an adequate drainage of water. This favors a rapid and well balanced development of the plant while limiting the development of fungal diseases caused by excess water and insufficient oxygenation.

Substrates for nurseries. They are made by combining Blond Peat Block with Pumice in order to control the solid phase, liquid and gaseous phase, as well as the chemical composition, according to the needs of various crops, whether they are trees, shrubs or aromatic plants.

Soil for roof gardens. This substrate is certified according to UNI 11235. It preserves its physical structure over time, eliminating the problem of soil compaction and loss of volume.

Soil for turf. It is an innovative soil for the realization of turfs. Instead of siliceous sands, a mix of volcanic sands is used together with blond peat. The microporosity of the volcanic sands mix retain the water the plant needs while draining out excess water. Moreover, thanks to their microporosity, they act against the overheating of the turf during summer.

Soil for gardens. It is a range of potting soils for creating flowerbeds and planters of various sizes. Together with the Soil For Turf, it offers a complete range to gardening professionals.

Soils for hobby stores. The types produced range from professional soil for succulent plants to soil for citrus trees, acidophilic plants, orchids, bonsai, geraniums, surfiniums and indoor plants. Each soil has specific characteristics according to the needs of each plant type. 

On the other hand, Universal potting Soils are suitable for the majority of plants and flowers which do not require specific soils.

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