Annual Plants

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Annual Plants

HUMUSUN Substrato 2 Piante Annuali is intended primarily for the cultivation of plants with a short growing cycle. The container sizes in which it can be used range from 40-hole packs to 17 cm diameter pots. It has a free porosity of 88% v/v and a water retention of 67% pF1. It has a pH of 5.5 and is equipped with a balanced fertilization of microelements (iron-boron-copper-zinc-magnesium-manganese-molybdenum) and macroelements (nitrogen-phosphorous-potassium) for immediate release. The total conductivity is 59 mS/m. The raw materials used are: 

  • The 0/40 mm blond block peat. It has a very low Von Post index. This means that the fine and powdery part is almost non-existent. This essential characteristic allows better air circulation and optimal drainage of water in the substrate, drastically reducing the occurrence of diseases such as root rot and collar rot. 
  • Short-fibre coco, has a higher resistance to decomposition than peat and remains intact for a longer time during the cultivation process. 
  • Pumice grain size 3/7 mm makes HUMUSUN Substrato 2 a unique product in the range of substrates for protected crops. Pumice has a special physical structure, with an internal microporosity that makes it the only mineral capable of floating on water. The advantages it offers are adequate drainage of excess water as well as better oxygenation for the roots. 
  • Zeolite – Chabasite. This is an element of natural origin contained in volcanic granules, which has the property of improving the capacity to retain nutrients and release them at regular intervals. It is also known for neutralising both toxic substances and radionuclides. It is used to purify water and reclaim polluted land, and was used on a large scale at Chernobyl to decontaminate and protect against radiation. 

The choice of raw materials for HUMUSUN Substrato 2 is aimed at ensuring that the plant’s solid, liquid and gas phases are well balanced. The essential substrate’s parameters must remain adequate throughout the entire cultivation cycle. It is possible to correct the chemical composition with appropriate interventions, but it is almost impossible to change the physical characteristics during the course of the crop. Moreover the use of Zeolites gives to HUMUSUN Substrato 2, that extra edge which makes this product unique among cultivation substrates aimed to greenhouse crops. 

It is supplied in bulk, in 5,000 litre Jumbopack, in 3,000 litre Big Bag and in 70 litre bags. 

Particularly suitable for the cultivation of Geranium, Chrysanthemum, Aromatic plants, Annual Plants and Nursery’s smaller containers.