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HUMUSUN Substrato 1 is intended for sowing in packs and alveolar containers. It has a free porosity of 81% v/v and a water retention of 71% pF1. It has a pH of 5.5 and is equipped with calibrated fertilization of trace elements (Iron-Boron-Copper-Zinc-Magnesium-Manganese-Molybdenum) and macroelements (Nitrogen Phosphorus-Potassium) for ready to be released. The total conductivity is 48 mS/m. The raw materials used are: 

The 0/5 mm blond peat used has a very low Von Post index. This means that the fine and powdery part is very limited. This fundamental characteristic allows better air circulation and optimal water drainage in the substrate, drastically reducing the onset of diseases such as root and collar rot. This is essential when sowing mainly in late winter in a closed environment with a high level of humidity. 

Vulcamix is a mixture of volcanic sands whose purpose is to drain off excess water and retain the water needed by the plant. This ability to naturally adjust the water supply makes Substrato 1 suitable for sowing in different environmental conditions such as during summer and winter. 

– Zeolite from Chabasite with a grain size of 0/5 mm. Zeolite is a naturally occurring element contained in volcanic granules that has the property of enhancing the ability to retain nutrients and release them at regular intervals. It is also known to neutralise both toxic substances and radionuclides. It is used to purify water and reclaim polluted land, and was used on a large scale at Chernobyl to decontaminate and protect against radiation. Known and used on a large scale in agronomy, it has been the subject of scientific tests and studies which confirmed its advantages in the development of the root system, as well as its remarkable compactness and strength in the aerial part. 

The choice of raw materials for HUMUSUN Substrato 1 is aimed at ensuring that the plant has well-balanced solid, liquid and gas phases. This balance is essential for every substrate and must remain adequate throughout the growing cycle. It is possible to correct the chemical composition with appropriate measures, but it is practically impossible to change the physical characteristics during the course of the crop. 

Furthermore, the use of Zeolites gives to this product that extra edge which makes it unique among crop substrates. 

It is supplied loose, in 5,000 litre Jumbopack, in 3,000 litre Big Bag and in 70 litre bags.