Agricola 2000 uses volcanic zeolites to create a substrate with Blonde Peat suitable for phytoremediation.
The phyto-purification properties of Zeolites are well known and appreciated.
A balanced and studied addition of these raw materials to a professional substrate guarantees an effective and prolonged phyto-purification effect.
Phytoremediation is the natural process of wastewater purification, which is achieved through the combined action of plants, substrates and microorganisms.
A waterproof basin is made and lined with a bed of a suitable substrate and aquatic plants.
The waste to be purified passes through it allowing the plant to work ecologically without power or the addition of electromechanical parts.
Appropriately dimensioning the plant to an organic load reduction of more than 90% brings it in line with legal limits.
Agricola 2000 produces substrates with Blonde Peat and a Mix of volcanic sands containing precious Zeolites, with their depurative capacity.