Agricola 2000 uses Zeolites of volcanic origin to create a substrate with blond peat suitable for phytodepuration.

The phytodepurative properties of Zeolites are well known and valued. 

A balanced and skilful addition of these raw materials results in a highly professional substrate that guarantees an effective and prolonged phytopurification effect. 

Phyto-purification is a natural water treatment process that is carried out through the combined action of plants, substrate and micro-organisms. A water-proofed basin is built and a layer of suitable substrate and water plants is placed on top of it. The water-waste to be treated go through it, so the plant operates in an environmentally friendly manner without the need to use any additional electromechanical parts and energy. 

By sizing the plant appropriately, the organic load is reduced by more than 90% in accordance with legal limits. 

Agricola 2000 produces substrates with blond peat and a mixture of volcanic sands containing zeolites, which have a well-known purifying capacity.