Red volcanic lapillus

Lapillus consists of small fragments of lava ejected by volcanoes. Depending on the deposits from which it is extracted, it can be dark in colour but also a beautiful bright red. 

The bright red one has the best agronomic characteristics due to its lightness and porosity, which makes it resemble pumice. 

It can be distinguished from pumice by its greater draining capacity and higher specific weight. The deposits used today for the extraction of Lapillus of the best quality are located in northern Lazio on the border with Tuscany. 

Agricola 2000 uses Red Lapillus from the nearby deposits as a draining layer in the formation of turf and roof gardens. It is also used together with pumice for the production of certain types of soil. 

Another field of use is mulching. Red Lapillus is rapidly taking the place of pine bark for natural weeding in gardening and public gardens in general. This is because of its attractive appearance and because it does not disperse with atmospheric events and remains unchanged over time without degrading or decomposing.

3/5 mm Lapilli

3/10 mm Lapilli

Lapilli Sand