Lapilli consist of small fragments of volcanic material expelled by a volcano. It is, depending on the deposit from which it is extracted, a dark colour, but can also be a beautiful wine red.
The latter has the best agronomic characteristics given its lightness and porosity, which make it similar to Pumice.
It stands out for its higher drainage capacity and higher specific weight. The deposits currently extracting the best quality Lapilli are located in upper Lazio on the border with Tuscany.
Agricola 2000 uses Red Lapilli from nearby deposits as a drainage layer when laying down turf and roof gardens. It is also used together with Pumice for the production of certain types of soil.
Another use is in mulching. Red Lapilli is quickly replacing pine bark as a natural weed-stopper in gardens and public green spaces in general. This is thanks to its pleasant appearance and the fact that it doesn’t disperse in inclement weather and remains unchanged over time without degrading or decomposing.

3/5 mm Lapilli
3/10 mm Lapilli
Lapilli Sand