Pumice is the only rock that can float on water. Volcanic eruptions have produced this unique mineral. It has a light, beige to grey colour. 

Its lightness is due to its honeycomb structure, which allows to store air and to retain a reserve of water like a sponge, which is then gradually released. 

This material is important to encourage air circulation and oxygenation among compact, clayey soils. 

Because of these characteristics it has been appreciated widely used in the cultivation of plants in containers and in nurseries in general. 

In Italy, the only active deposits where Pumice is extracted are in Tuscany with the quarries of Pitigliano (GR) and in the neighbouring territories of northern Lazio. 

Agricola 2000 is based in Pitigliano and uses this precious natural material to create a range of substrates and soils, whose use ranges from the formation of grass carpets, to the cultivation of plants in containers, to the creation of public green areas and roof gardens as well as phyto-purification.

6/14 mm Pumice

3/8 mm Pumice

Pumice Sand