Pumice is the only rock that floats on water. It is the result of volcanic eruptions and has a light beige almost grey colour.
Its lightness comes from its alveolar structure, which allows it to store air while, at the same time, retaining a reservoir of water like a sponge, gradually releasing it over time.
It promotes air circulation and oxygenation in the soil, especially in compact and clay soils.
For this reason, it is widely used for cultivating plants in containers and horticulture in general.
In Italy, the only active deposits extracting Pumice are found in Tuscany with quarries in Pitigliano (GR) and in the adjacent territories of Upper Lazio.
Agricola 2000 has its headquarters in Pitigliano and uses Pumice to create a range of substrates and soils, used for cultivating turf and plants in pots, to constructing of public green spaces and roof gardens, as well as for Phytoremediation.

6/14 mm Pumice
3/8 mm Pumice
Pumice Sand