Agritorf Vivaismo

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Agritorf Vivaismo

AGRITORF Vivaismo is made for the container cultivation of outdoor shrubs. It has a free porosity of 88% v/v and a water retention of 57% pF1. It has a pH of 5.5 and is equipped with calibrated fertilization of microelements (iron-boron-copper-zinc-magnesium-manganese-molybdenum) and macroelements (nitrogen phosphorous-potassium) for ready release. The total conductivity is 36 mS/m. The raw materials used are: 

BLOND PEAT 0/40 mm block. It has a very low Von Post index which means that the fine and powdery part is very limited. This fundamental characteristic allows better air circulation and optimal drainage of water in the substrate, drastically reducing the onset of pathologies such as root rot. This characteristic is important when considering the larger size of the container which requires more porosity and draining capacity than small ones. 

COCO Long fibre. It is used in the same way as Peat but it has a greater resistance to decomposition, remaining intact for longer time during the cultivation process. The Coco Long Fibres material used is the one subjected to multiple washings, which is low in salinity as proved by laboratories tests. 

PUMICE. A few decades ago Pistoia nurseries pioneered the discovery of this valuable mineral as a component of nursery substrates. Since then it has become an irreplaceable component and has been used not only throughout Italy but also in nurseries in Spain, France and other Mediterranean countries. 

ZEOLITE from Chabasite with a granulometry of 0/5 mm. Zeolite is an element of natural origin contained in volcanic granules which has the property of improving the capacity to retain nutrients and release them on a regular basis. It is also known to neutralise both toxic substances and radionuclides. It is used to purify water and reclaim polluted land, and was used on a large scale in Chernobyl to decontaminate and protect the environment against radiation. Known and used on a large scale, Zeolite has been the subject of agronomy tests and scientific studies that confirm its qualities in the development of the root system, together with a high compactness and strength in the aerial part. 

AGRITORF‘s choice of raw materials is therefore aimed at ensuring that the plant has the correct balance among solid, liquid and gas phases. These parameters are fundamental for each substrate and must remain adequate for the duration of the growing cycle. In fact, even if it is possible to correct the chemical composition with appropriate interventions, it is practically impossible to intervene on the physical characteristics during the course of the crop. At the same time, the use of Zeolites gives that extra edge that makes AgriTorf unique among traditional substrates. 

Supplied in bulk, in 5,000 litre Jumbopack, in 3,000 litre Big Bag.