Lawns and football fields

Discover our soils and their use.

Lawns and soccer fields

For having evergreen lawns the use of a professional and innovative soil is required in their formation.

Do you want to create and maintain an evergreen lawn? Then use a professional and innovative soil for lawns and football pitches. 

Agricola 2000 produces a topsoil with high-quality Volcanic Sands and Blond Peat with a calibrated contribution of Zeolites and nutrients in Microelements (Iron-Boron-Copper-Zinc-Magnesium-Manganese-Molybdenum) and Macroelements (Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium) with a ready release. 

Why volcanic sands? 

Volcanic sands combined with blond peat are the most important innovation in the field of turfs formation in recent years. In a short time, their use has reached highly qualified sectors such as the formation of premier league football fields. 

Compared to traditional silica sands, they have an internal microporosity that allows better air and oxygen circulation to the roots. Moreover, thanks to its microporosity, they are able to better retain a suitable and balanced reserve of water for a longer period of time. 

How about the product performance during hot summers?

Volcanic sands can limit thermal shocks, avoiding harmful soil overheating thanks to their insulating capacity. For this same reason, volcanic sands and granulates are used in the construction industry to insulate buildings. 

The other component is blond peat 0/40 mm, which has the function of balancing the PH and allowing better air circulation and optimal drainage of water in the substrate. It also provides a noble part of organic substance which, when mixed with volcanic sands, optimally completes the substrate. It is easy to lay out and to roll, characteristics needed for a good laying, both for sowing and for rolled turfs. 

How should it be used? 

Humusun Tappeti Erbosi has to be applied as a minimum of 5 cm layer, while for for professional use it has to be used pure. It improves otherwise unusable clay soils. In this case, a layer of at least 10 cm should be mixed with the first 15 cm of underlying soil. 

Humusun Tappeti Erbosi is supplied in the following formats: 

– 70 Lt bags 

– Big bag of Lt 3.000