Lawns and soccer fields

Do you want to create and maintain a green lawn?

Use a professional and innovative soil for lawns and soccer fields.

Agricola 2000 produces a soil with high quality Volcanic Sands and Blond Peat with a calibrated inclusion of zeolites and micro and macro element nutrients.

Why volcanic sands?

Compared to traditional siliceous sand, volcanic sands have an internal microporousity that allows for better air and oxygen circulation at root level. But that’s not all. The sand also retains water better and longer for an adequate and calibrated reservoir.

And how does it fare under the summer sun?

Volcanic sands limit thermal fluctuations to avoid extreme soil overheating through their insulating capacity. It’s for this reason that volcanic sands and granules are used in buildings to insulate thermally.

How to use it?

Humusun Turf should be used by distributing a minimum layer of 5cm, used pure for a professional finish. It has the ability to improve clay soils that would otherwise be unsuitable. In this case, a layer that’s least 10cm deep should be mixed into the first 15cm of soil.

Available in:
–70 litre bags
– 3,000 litre big bags
– loose