Growing Shrubs in a pot

Soil for growing shrubs in a container

How to use our soil to grow shrubs in a pot?

The use of inert volcanic materials such as pumice and volcanic lapilli has been a common practice for years. Pistoia, the largest nursery district in Europe, is at the forefront of its use today.

Agricola 2000 produces substrates with pumice from the best deposits and with the best physical chemical characteristics – those of Pitigliano’s (GR) quarries.

The size of the growing vessel and plant type are the variables that Agricola 2000 addresses when producing said substrates. For example, protected crops in a pot that’s up to the 17cm in diameter, needs a substrate with a “grain of rice”-sized pumice, that is, one with a grain size of 3 to 8mm. For larger containers, we recommend 20-40mm peat combined with 6-14mm pumice.

They are usually supplied loose or in big bags (3000-litre sacks). The product is to be used with automatic invasive machines.