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Soil for turf

How to lay turf?

The first problem to address is adequate water drainage, especially when planting over clayey and compact soil. Placing an even layer of substrate on a slope therefore ensures the drainage of excessive water.

The preparation of an irrigation system takes place at this stage with the proper interplay of pipes and hidden sprinklers. After this, we lay Agricola 2000’s Soil for Turf for a minimum thickness of 5cm. On it we will sow, broken up with a light planting. A final rolling perfectly levels everything. The lawn rolls are then laid over the rolled soil.

Another way to lay turf is to begin by distributing a 10cm layer of Soil for Turf then mixing it with a squeegee or other suitable medium into the first 15 to 20cm of ground soil. By doing this, we create greater layer of fertile and usable soil. This is recommended when sowing in particularly compact and clayey soil. The only counter-indication in this case is the presence of pebbles or rocks, which would make the operation excessively laborious.

In the case of a pre-existent turf, which has become wild or has areas to be repaired, Soil for Turf Regeneration can be used. It has a calibrated grain size that allows it to be used with a sandblasting machine. It should be distributed over the previous carotation (drilling into the existing grass), holes or areas to be restored. Sow, roll and water enough to complete the restoration.